The project “Chamber Symphony” runs for eight years and invites as many Flemish composers to compose a Chamber Symphony for Flemish Sinfonietta. A fascinating and challenging genre, between Chamber music and orchestral music.

Each of these composers chose an international partner-composer whose work will be programmed next to the Chamber Symphony.The decisive factor in this choice is the impact that a particular composer has had on their own work.


VDKC13001 – Fetish
VDKC13001 – Fetish

'Fetish' – Vlaams Sinfonietta

Flac file: 192 kHz. 24 Bit. 1.543,807 Mb.
Flac file: 96 kHz. 24 Bit. 376,095 Mb.
Wav file: 44,1 kHz. 16 Bit. 595,015 Mb.
320 kbps. 44,1 kHz. 134,941 Mb.


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